Mr. Salman from Jadeed Farms and Feeds
Mr. Anwar C.E.O of Bariq pharmaceuticals

In Person Drop

It was a wonderful experience to meet professionals like Mr. Salman from Jadeed farms and Feeds, Mr. Anwar ul Haq , C.E.O of bariq Pharmaceuticals and C.E.O of Ghazi Brothers for In Person drop. One most promising thing that I had come to know is these high personalities are not so horrible as we think they might be. Instead they were so friendly and welcoming to the comers that actually attract towards them. They propose different ways that how you can adjust in their company and can prove beneficial for the company and how company would be beneficial towards them.

Point to be learned from these sessions is they simply want to be interested by the upcoming one. When we show affection towards them they become more polite with us and provide us chances that you can be a part of us in this way or in that way but one thing a candidate must keep in mind that it is good that they provide you space and comfort zone to show your best, don’t take it non-seriously or I can say don’t be distracted by these thing. They are looking for the professionalism in you but if you forget or skip this point then it will be not good for you.

During my In person drop I was not following them up as once I asked one thing they answer me but after that I asked a different thing from the previous point. I think there must b a continuity or harmony in your dealing.

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