Reactions, Interests, Episodes and Chapters, oh my!
Josh Fabian

OK, I genuninely think many of your ideas are good, and I can hear you side on the topic, BUT SERIOUSLY did you really have to get rid of reviews? I am personally one of those people who reads the long reviews that look like their essays dedicated to a pacific series. And in case you’re wondering I do this on every platform I use like Amazon and whenever I Google a restaurant, I will read the reviews that have different paragraphs on different aspects of something. Now I understand your points, but couldn’t you have just move them to a different tab and call them something else that would relate to what they are like “Deep Dives” or “Complete Thoughts”. If you have more explanation on this topic I would love to hear it. Because the idea of “Reactions” on the surface sounds good for people who don’t want to read someone’s actual opinion on something that hasn’t been reduced to like 140 characters. Now even though it might sound like I’m mad (because I am) I am honestly not opposed to the idea of “Reactions” because obviously the reason you guys are doing this is because you guys are a business and are trying to make your website more accessible to a wider audience to obviously increase revenue for the platform, and because of this I can respect your decision on the topic. But for people like me who are a part of the community and like to have discussions to share view points on something, could you guys please just move the actual opinions to a different tab, thank you.