Collaborating on a Project
Danny Smith

Hey Danny!

Thanks for the mention and glad to hear Waffle is making a positive impact on your workflow.

There are a couple of features in Waffle I want to point out to help simplify your workflow further (and remove a few steps completely. :))

  1. Instead of creating an issue, assigning it to who is working on it, moving it In Progress, and creating a branch for that Issue, you can just create and push a branch with an issue number in it (ie: bug-fix-#3). We’ll automatically move the Issue (in this case, #3) “In Progress” for you — or to whichever column specify as containing “Work Started” in Settings. Waffle will also assign the user who pushed that branch. :)
  2. Instead of creating a separate pull request card for work started on an issue, you can simply use the language “connects to #5” in your pull request title or description. This will visually nest the pull request beneath the issue number that you specify. You can do this with closes/fixes/resolves for PR’s and Issues that you’d like to close when merged into the master branch, too :)

We have a bit more info on this in our docs if you’re interested( Hope this helps streamline your workflow further! :)


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