Cattle ranchers keep burning the Amazon, but supporting sustainable food producers can help conserve it.

The Amazon’s best-known export, açaí berries are in demand around the world. (Photo courtesy Imaflora)

On the border of Brazil and Argentina is one of the world’s largest and most breathtaking series of waterfalls. But beyond the majestic — and heavily touristed — falls, there’s much more wilderness to explore.

The view of the horseshoe-shaped falls from the Brazilian side.

Electricity arrived just a few years ago. It’s a helluva trek to make. And yet: Once you arrive at this beach town on the Bahian coast, you’ll find a zenlike paradise that’s simply unmatchable.

Avenida dos Navegantes serves as the quaint town’s main street, and it’s a perfect place to while away an evening over a cold beer and a plate of fried fish.

São Paulo’s heart beats loud and strong as the cultural capital of Brazil. Six creative residents tell us what makes this metropolis pulse.

Farol Santander hosts temporary art installations, including Tubo, a metallic kaleidoscope on the 22nd floor.

Catherine Balston

Freelance writer / editor. Sourdough obsessive. Happy to call São Paulo home. (

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