Dear angry White 49ers fans: sit the f*ck down.

I’m burning things because I’m a Black rape victim; you do it because you’re mad Colin Kaepernick said racism exists.

I literally cannot with this foolery. via Facebook

Get out of here with your racist white dude feelings.

I’m burning things because I am a Black woman who was raped and yet the institution I was paying to get an education safely betrayed me.

But your sensitive white male feelings over an athlete YOU’VE NEVER EVEN MET is making you burn $80 NFL jerseys.

Y’all are so annoying.

Must be nice to have so little oppression to worry about that you’re so mad about someone telling the truth, huh?

The sad part is that your insignificant white male feelings will get more attention over the real problems of racism and sexual violence in America.

The United Nations says sexual violence is one of the most common human rights violation in the world. Yet academic institutions that are pretending they are bastions of honor and integrity are allowing these violations to continue in disgustingly high numbers— and then actively work to protect rapists to cover up the violence.

Yet you’re mad that a stranger believes that America is better than what it is right now.

Go find something to do that’s actually useful and make the world better. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to burn things to make the campuses— and hopefully the world—a safer place.

Wagatwe Wanjuki is a writer, speaker, and activist against gender-based violence. She is the co-founder of Survivors Eradicating Rape Culture, an organization dedicated to using culture change to create a world free of sexual violence. She also is a board member of anti-rape organizations Know Your IX and SurvJustice. Her commentary and activism against sexual violence has been featured in various outlets including MSNBC, Mic, Feministing, ESSENCE, and The New York Times.

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