Delegate staking on XAR Mainnet

3 min readDec 13, 2019


Before we start, please ensure that you’ve created a XAR wallet at

Sending your current FTM to XAR Mainnet

Step 1. Please visit the official website for the bridge at:

Step 2. Choose your incoming transaction ERC-20/ BEP-2

Example for ERC-20
Example for BEP-2

Step 3. Fill in your XAR receiving address and click next.

Example for ERC-20

Step 4. Once you have submitted a successful token swap request, you will be prompted with instructions on the next steps. You will need to deposit the ERC-20/BEP-2 FTM into the account provided by BNBridge from an Ethereum/Binance chain address for which you control the private key

Step 5. Once the transaction is successful click next to verify the transaction.

Collateralising FTM and Generating CSDT

Step 1. Unlock your XAR wallet

Step 2. Input the amount of uFTM that you would like to be collateralized

Step 3. The maximum amount of uCSDT available to be generated will be displayed under the box to the right of the screen. You can input an amount that you are comfortable with, but we do not suggest generating the maximum.

Step 4. The collateralization ratio is automatically calculated when you input the amount of uCSDT you would like to generate. A collateralization ratio of 300% is recommended. Click the Collateralize and Generate button when you are satisfied with both of the values.

Delegating your CSDT

Step 1. Make sure your Collateralization ratio is above 150% (recommended 300%)

Step 2. Click the Delegate button on the bottom left

Step 3. Input the amount of uCSDT that you would like to delegate.

Step 4. Choose a validator. You can view the current validator list on the explorer by clicking the link provided in the wallet or through here .

Step 5. Click the Delegate button on the bottom right of the screen and you are good to go.

Note: Please keep in mind that the Collateralization ratio should be above 150% to avoid the liquidation process from occurring

For more information regarding CSDT Portal click here