Xar Wallet CSDT Portal Explained

3 min readDec 19, 2019


Accessing the XAR Wallet while owning CSDT will bring you to the CSDT Portal.

The CSDT portal can currently be divided into 5 sections :

  • Condition of your collateral
  • Managing your Collateral
  • Managing your Position
  • Staking
  • Delegation

Liquidation (Rebalancing)price : The price of the collateral which will trigger rebalancing

Current price : Current price of the collateral

Liquidation (Rebalancing) penalty : Occurs when a CSDT position is rebalanced because it is under collateralized. The system takes a percentage of the CSDT raised on the auction and deposits it into the distribution module.

Collateralization ratio : Total collateral / CSDT minted

Minimum ratio : Minimum collateralization ratio without triggering rebalancing

Stability fee : The stability fee is the base cost to borrow or mint new assets in the system, this percentage is a yearly amount


Deposited : Total amount of collateral that has been deposited.

Max Available to Withdraw: The maximum amount of collateral that you can withdraw from your current collateral balance without triggering immediate rebalancing.

Deposit : The deposit button is used to increase the current balance of your collateral. Depositing into your collateral will increase your collateralization ratio

Withdraw : The Withdraw button is used to withdraw from your current collateral balance. Note that only collateral that is not tied to your minted CSDT may be withdrawn. Withdrawing will decrease your collateralization ratio.


Generated : Total amount of CSDT generated using the collateral

Max available to generate: Maximum amount of CSDT that can still be generated from the collateral. Note that generating this amount of CSDT would take your collateralization ratio to the minimum, and any downward price movement from there would leave you at risk of rebalancing.


Pay Back : To repay the CSDT that was generated based on the collateral. Pay Back would increase the collateralization ratio.

Generate : Generating CSDT backed by your ‘free’ collateral not currently being used. Generating CSDT would decrease your collateralization ratio.


Available to delegate : Current CSDT balance which is available to be delegated.


Delegate : Delegating the available CSDT to a validator node.

Re-Delegate : Allows instant un-delegation and re-delegation to a different node with no penalties and no unbonding period.


Current delegated balance : Total CSDT which is currently delegated to a validator node.

Delegation rewards available : Current claimable delegation rewards.


Undelegate : Unbond your delegated CSDT from the Validator node(s). ( The unbonding period is currently 24 hours at the time of writing but is subject to change via governance)
Get Rewards : Claims the current available rewards and transfers them to your available CSDT balance.