And God Applauded

Daggers of harsh sun penetrated the dark and long untouched room. The dust hung in the air as if frozen, a coat of it thick on every surface, it muffled the ticking of a Geiger Counter that lay forgotten, buried under dust in the corner of the room. Long ago poisoned earth had been blown through the broken doors and shattered windows, doors and windows open to the sight of blown out buildings and crumbling neighbourhoods, a town clouded in invisible death and all too visible decay. Generations had not made this place any more habitable, nothing grew but weeds and fungi, nothing lived but the things that scuttled along the ground, too pathetic to die. Happy homes provided a place for mold and mildew, dark spots on the surfaces of darker rooms.

A husband and wife slept in the rotting bed, under crumbling sheets. A boy and a girl, young, rested after a long day in their beds, dusty and covered in broken glass and mortar. A splintered cot lies in wait for fresh eyes to see the wonders of the future, the nuclear family is perfect in every way.

There is no sound, the wind does not dare disturb the silence. The dead and bare trees empty branches do not clack together, the wind does not whistle through the missing walls, nor scatter the long broken picket fences. The creatures who crawl make no noise for fear of reigniting the thunder and heat that scorched the earth.

The creatures that crawl drag their long calloused hands and knees over burning concrete and a sea of melted tar, their burned backs face the sun, rays unhampered by ozone. They look for shade under the leaves and trees they burned, in the homes they destroyed. Looking for a place to lie on the earth they poisoned. Looking for sustenance in the creatures they killed, the water they evaporated and contaminated. The rats and cockroaches look on and wonder that such creatures could once have held the world in the palm of their hand, and crushed it so easily.

East and west stand ruined towers, protruding like ribs from a rotting corpse. Cracks and crevices snake the ground like fresh lacerations. Mountains cracked open like hands reaching for the sky, grasping for life. The Earth has ceased to shake in anger at it’s loss, it’s oceans and lakes have evaporated, eyes dry of tears. The Earth is still, baked by the all consuming atomic fire, it fell like rain and bloomed across the Earth, the most devastating bouquet.

The creatures retreat into the few sewers not cracked open. The rat and the cockroach watched as they crawled onto the tunnels and covered themselves in the dark sludge in an attempt to stay cool. The rat and the cockroach think on how late the creatures are, if only they had followed the rat and the cockroach from the beginning. They watch as one creature finds itself without space in the sewer. They watch as the houses and buildings around them crumble to dust and the creature kills another for it’s space. The creatures cycle repeats yet again.