Farm meets City

My story going to be about my life growing up on a farm and now transitioning into living in the big city of Minneapolis. I believe this transition will challenge me but also help me grow.

Gathering information will be mostly statistics, such as the populations of both the city where I live now and also my hometown. I want my story to convey how my life on a farm wasn’t limiting to experience life in a city, but it will be different living in a city rather than visiting a city.

My plan is to emmerce myself in many different environments througout the semester and also observe everyday activities that differ from those of my rural community. My research will entail my everyday life and reflecting on my activities of each day. Comparing which activities are a constant and also which activities are new that I do.

This project is not something I can just remember and write down, though that may be the case for parts of it, I have to ‘live’ through it. This journey has already begun, being this is my third week of school and fourth week of living in a city.

My story can be similar to those who come from rural parts of any state. Meeting people from rural communities has helped me transition to this large city because they have similar fears. My graduating class was 20 kids and coming here to my freshman class of 5,800 is somewhat frightening. But by having students on my floor that also come from rural communities has helped so we can connect with each other.

Getting to know people from the metro area has been a pleasant experience too. In the country, it was hard to find things to do on the weekend other than go to the movie theater to see the newest Star Trek or other Marvel movies. But with their helpful hints and tips, I have been discovering new things to do in the area of campus I feel comfortable to navigate.

This experience will be like no other experience I have ever had. Though it may be scary, I am up for the challenge. The U of M has been my dream school for a long time and I am glad to be here to adapt to city life while still getting a good education.

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