Lee Weiss — A University of Maryland Graduate who Works with Blackmere Partners

Lee Weiss is a diligent Senior Consultant who has been working for Blackmere Partners, Inc. for many years. He attended Hebrew University and the University of Maryland. From the Smith School of Business, he completed his bachelor degree in Business, and also did many executive educational courses at Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, MA. Following the completion of his studies, he worked as an adjunct professor of NYU Stern, and taught investing and financial planning.

Lee Weiss’s present company, Blackmere Partners is a consulting business, which offers services in four major sectors — Energy, Transportation, Financial Services, and Healthcare. Its clientele includes privately held companies and global corporations. The company has a team of proficient, skilled professionals who provide business strategies and solutions to different businesses. Their services are effective in improving profitability, expanding business regions, making strategic acquisitions, and developing joint ventures. Professionals of Blackmere Partners focus on increasing growth of their clients considering their needs and preferences.

Lee Weiss worked in the General Electric’s Financial Management program. At Merrill Lynch, he served as a Financial Advisor, Office Manager, Sales Manager, and then Managing Director of their private bank in New York. He served as the President of Fidelity Investments’ Family Office Services Business, and owned hedge and private equity funds, registered investment advisors and broker dealers in Puerto Rico, Cayman, Bahamas, and the United States.

Lee D Weiss has interest in various sports activities, which he usually enjoys in his free time. These include scuba diving, skiing, biking, and hiking. According to him, sports are the best way to spend your free time.

Lee also likes traveling and photography. On his vacations, he loves exploring different places, and learning about new cultures. Whenever he finds a new thing, he captures it in his camera. He has a good collection of pictures of different trips he has made to different countries.