Lee Weiss has Vast Experience as a Successful Executive

Lee Weiss is a Senior Consultant who has extensive experience in handling different set of positions pertaining to financial planning, asset management, and portfolio management. He has been employed at various businesses before started working with Blackmere Partners, a reputable consulting company that has business roots at worldwide locations. The company provides services to global corporations, private businesses, family offices across the United States of America. The areas in which they work include transportation, financial services, energy, and healthcare. The company employs a team of highly skilled, professional people who are expert in designing business strategies as per the requirements of the clients. They build strategies to help clients get success in expanding business regions, making strategic acquisitions, developing joint ventures, and improving profitability.

Lee Weiss holds a bachelor degree in business from Smith School of Business, and has also pursued several executive educational courses at Harvard and MIT in Cambridge, MA. He is working in the financial planning area for a long time. Through the years, he has learned a lot about how to increase sales with effective sales strategies, and established a successful career as a financial planner. Lee is a dedicated professional with exceptional communication, interpersonal, and problem solving skills.

Lee Weiss was associated with the GE Financial Management program for approximately a year i.e. from 1991 to 1992. He worked for Merrill Lynch, and served various positions and handled a set of responsibilities. He was the Managing Director of their private bank in New York. At Fidelity Investments, he worked as the President of their family owned business. He also owned hedge and private equity funds and investment businesses in Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Cayman, and the US.

Lee Weiss is the Chief Executive Officer of Elev8 Centers, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and wellness service providing center. Since the inception, it has helped a wide range of individuals to overcome their addiction to a variety of drugs. The center is committed to providing comprehensive therapies across a wide spectrum of addictions and mental health challenges.