Most people recognize this city as one of the greatest cities in the world, major aviation hubs in the world. In addition to cosmopolitan nature and fast life, Dubai also offers something else for visitors.

Dubai is full of contradictions and you just need to go a few kilometers to find yourself among soft stretches of sand. Venture out on quad or off-road vehicles, don’t miss a camel ride or a Bedouin tented dinner with an oriental dance show.

A glimpse of desert (and my friend)

Do you want to experience the wild and raw nature of this wonderful city on a desert safari in Dubai?

You have to go on a desert safari in Dubai to try it.

An Irresistible and Captivating Experience during Red Dune Desert Safari

If you want to experience 6 hours of unlimited entertainment in a safe and convenient way, you can choose our desert safari in Dubai.

Dubai holds many surprises for visitors from all over the world. This city is famous for its cosmopolitan culture and its hectic life. If you want to enjoy these facets, you should take a desert safari trip to Dubai.

As a trusted tour operator, Arabian Tour Packages offers excellent desert trips that allow you to engage in a variety of exciting and fun activities including spending a couple of hours in a Bedouin-style tent curled up in the stormy sand.

Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

You can enjoy one of the best hummer desert safari. It is an exhilarating experience. Your adrenaline rushes heavily as the sand flows around your vehicle and you make rushing sand dunes.

When you reach the desert camp, there are several activities to add to the fun. Spending time on a camel ride is a lot of fun. You can try smoking a flavored shisha. Tasting the traditional Arabic coffee brings your taste buds on an extraordinary culinary journey. Erotic belly dancing and Tanura dance easily create a captivating impact.

You should also take the opportunity to take some amazing desert photos using your camera, particularly during the sunset hour. The colors of the sunset make a magical spectacle on the sand.

Also, you can experiment with traditional costumes and get a henna tattoo done. You would be taken back to your hotel room after a delicious buffet dinner.

Camel Trekking in Dubai

This is a typical adventure that gives you a taste of true Bedouin culture like never before. As you sit on the back of humpy dromedary, its gait is going to add the needed thrill in your journey. Roam around the dunes and capture yourself and your friends in the reel of life with camel trekking Dubai.

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