Google Apps, Complete Concept for Your Startup

Google, a name of the market leader in the tech industry. Today, if you are going online from searching to email, chat to social networking, it provides you the ease of access in every modern tech medium of your comfort. But from a household user to new startup, the needs may be a little different and requirement are bit complex.
Google kept this in mind and made it possible for everyone to have ease of access and provide the complete productivity concept. We will focus on some of google apps which are essential and beneficial from everyday user to your new startup.
I am keen user of Google Product and Services from a long time. I always try to explore it more even with no tech background. The way, i found it is simple, elegant and easy to use. Today, i would like to discuss some simple and best apps of google which must a routine essentials for your new startup..!

1. Gmail/Inbox (Google Mail)

Email is basic to your startup for connecting with your stakeholders to customer/clients. Gmail is complete concept with its light elegant and powerful features. Even the most recent feature is undo which is quite interesting and useful. May be you thought some time ago or any day that you have the power to control your email even after clicking the send button. Yes, that power is now provided by the Gmail. The way it is, i loved to use it with all the power even with some external services which can be linked with it called extension power.
Even for more advances user interface, Google introduced Inbox. It’s modernized app/webmail with plenty of useful features.

2. Google Keep

Keep is one of the best and beautiful note taking app with reminder, voice recording etc. features. If you look a bit deep into it, you will probably amazed and love it’s features power.

3. Hangouts

Every startup required an app/service which can fulfill their need of online conferencing/meetings with video capabilities. Hangouts not only fulfill this requirement but it is also integrated into Gmail and provide the chat features. Also, it has Hangout On Air facility.

4. Google Office

You must be astonished to listen the name “Google Office”. Yes, i am talking about Google Office. The below mentioned apps includes in Google Office;
- Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms & Drawings
Its not as much powerful as MS Office is but still it’s having the capabilities to fulfill all your needs with limitation that it’s online, works offline also but not like MS Office. Even with internet everywhere, it is no means of thinking about offline. Still you can use it offline. Many of the Google Office features you are going to love more than MS Office, i guarantee. All the files are stored in “Google Drive”, even you can upload and access files created in MS Office.

5. Google Plus

For your marketing and promotional needs you may be thinking of Facebook and Twitter but stop…! It’s not all about, Google Plus is there which is having focus from you local communities to access to worldwide customers.

6. Drive

For storing your important files/images etc. and sharing with anyone. It has all the features which any startup must requires. It provides different space of amount according to your requirement. A standard service provides 15GB of data limit which will be shared with all Google Apps.

7. Analytics

You need to track the traffic of your web which must be essential in today’s demanding market and for focusing more your customer likes etc. Google Analytics provides a complete solution to your web traffic with depth Analysis and SEO.

8. Calendar & Contacts

It’s recent update to calendar and contacts, both services become more user friendly and intelligent which provides peace of mind to keep all your important appointments and contacts saved.

I have shared some of the best apps/services which are essential for every startup. In my next blog regarding Google Apps, i would like to go deep in these apps with some useful tricks sharing. There are other plenty of apps and services which google is providing, someday that would also be in our target list.
I hope these apps will make your work more smooth and add productivity in your work routine. For the startup, i would like to say these apps “Productivity Hacks for Startup”. Further to all the above, i would like to listen from you…!

Waheed Abbas

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