An example that I liked from Edh shb is “Start small. I always remind myself. It was in keeping with the respect for labour that my parents had instilled in me. My father had often said, “No labour is an insult, the lowest form is dignified and worthy of respect. Start from the lowest rung”. This example explains that it is best to start anything from small or lowest position and then move gradually to the highest points. Another point in this example states that every kind of work has its own worth. It doesn’t matter how small or big the work is. I liked this example because when we do anything from small start so we understand it better. I can also relates it with my own experience that when I started my first job in the company I did 1 week unpaid work because I had no work experience. I accepted the offer and decided to put my best in the work so that company will give me good package on my performance and ultimately it offered me good package as a starting.

The things that I have learned from the above mentioned example is that we should not restrict ourselves towards particular kind of tasks. We have to do every kind of work either it is small or big and try to learn lessons from it because everything teach us something. It just depend upon us how much we learn from the opportunity.

The task that I wanted to achieve from the long time was to learn how to cook food. I wanted to do so because as I am a girl so it is necessary for me to learn it. I have faced numerous challenges in the past of achieving it like lack of time because of study and other related activities and lack of interest.

The challenges that I faced for this task were to select the dish for practice, hot weather in kitchen, sui gas shortage etc.

I have learned that cooking is a very interesting activity. It is so creative thing if someone enjoys it. To cook good food demands time, attention and interest.

The next steps are to learn one dish on each weekend and practice it as much as possible until to make it perfect and to note down the recipes on notebook so that use it whenever possible.

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