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Md Wahid
Md Wahid
Aug 30, 2017 · 4 min read

Winter is already here, and although the sun shines during the day and we continue to have very pleasant temperatures, in the afternoon the thermometers fall. With days like this there is nothing better than to get home and turn on the stove to be warm.

But here comes the problem, with the heating every day set, the bills soar, and sometimes the system we have is not effective because it does not heat too much so we have to have it long on or we waste the heat because it is too For the space we have.

To solve these problems, we will see the different types of stoves and their characteristics in order to know which is the most suitable for each of us

The first thing that we have to take into account to choose the perfect stove is the space we have, the amount of square meters, if the house is well insulated from the cold and how cold or hot the house is. Here you can get help for Stoves Huddersfield.


If what matters most is home safety, these are usually the best alternative, since they do not emit gas or smoke. It is the ideal stove for small spaces and closed as it can be a room for example, since they emit a constant supply. In addition, they are easy to maintain. There are many types of electric stoves such as infrared, oleo-electric or thermo-ventilators, among others.


It is one of the most common and cheaper options when buying them. These stoves emit a heat that passes through the air and comes directly to us when we are near. The main advantage is that it heats immediately. They are ideal for small spaces, but instead do not work so well in larger locations. In addition, its electrical consumption is high so it has to be used in moderation. On the other hand, if there are small children we must also be careful, as these electric stoves are supported on the floor.


Gas stoves are somewhat more expensive than electric stoves but their consumption is less, since they need fewer resources to heat and also, they cover a greater space, heating much more. The main drawback is that they work with butane gas. On the contrary, its advantage is that gas is more affordable than electricity. It is ideal for slightly larger houses or larger stays.


It is an ideal alternative for very spacious spaces, although we must be careful and acquiring the most appropriate, since it has very varied prices and coverage. They warm very quickly the stay and they are portable, reason why they are ideal for spaces of between 20 and 40m2.

We can classify the types of stoves of paraffin in two groups according to their ignition, wick or electric

Wax paraffin stove: no plug required and ignited by a lighter that ignites the flame. Provides intense heat from the very moment you turn it on. It is indicated for places with good ventilation and it is not recommended to place it in dormitories or closed rooms. They have autonomy of about 15 hours.

Electronic paraffin stove: they have more power and consume less. Its main advantage is that they can be programmed indicating the time that we want it to emit heat and the temperature. These stoves do need to be connected to the mains.


It is a clean and economical heating system. Pellets are a fuel made from vegetable waste, making it 100% renewable. Although the purchase price is higher than the other options we have seen, the price is compensated, since the pellets are priced much lower than the rest of the fuel. Pellet stoves are ideal for heating rooms from 25 to 100 m2. Highly recommended for spaces that need to be heated quickly and economically. To install it we must take into account that we need to have a plug and a smoke outlet nearby.

We can differentiate three types of pellet stoves

Air stoves: they are the most environmentally friendly and efficient. Allows to regulate the intensity of the heat that emits and to control the temperature. It also distributes heat throughout the room, making it a very pleasant place.

Canalizable stoves: This stove has an added advantage, since thanks to its system that drives the hot air, besides giving heat to the room in which is located also adjacent rooms.

Thermostat: Its main advantage is that it feeds the circuit of water radiators. They are also the safest, since they have an auto shut-off function if they detect a malfunction.


These stoves are ideal for large homes. The great variety of models allows satisfying the tastes of the most classic and also the most modern. Some models include smoke filters, perfect for people living in apartments. It is recommended to place them in rooms not too large, since they mainly heat the part closest to the stove.

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