#Morocco — Nation-states ( The Cyber Attackers )

As of today, we live in a world where we can’t deny the existence of crimes outside but also in the virtual one ( called CyberAttacks ). You should know that there will be more and more crimes committed online in the future and that there are three types of online crimes by different attackers.

The firsts are online criminals, their actions are motivated by making money illegally through several ways ( Trojans and Key loggers ), followed by the ones motivated politically or socially by protest and opinions, what we call #Hacktivists ( Like #Anonymous ), but then the last group are #nation_states, governments doing the attacks. It’s not known by everyone because of fear or fake trust.

We must know that when we use local services ( Like Menara mail, phone calls and sms ) Those nations are able to sneak into our online discussions & conversations. Also understand that sometimes those nations use computed programs to install trojans and key loggers into your computer so they’ll have access and get you for what you do.

When we talk to people now, the obvious answer is « Whether they sneak or not, I am a legal citizen and I have nothing to fear about my privacy ! Why should I be worrying ? » Well, you should know people that privacy is not open for discussion and that it’s not a question to debate about #privacy of #security access. It is about #FREEDOM against #CONTROL and believe me on that. Once we trust our governments and accept to give them the right to control us, any right we give will be given for good.

Wake up and call out for your rights. You may think that it’s not a problem that #VOIP services are blocked now but believe me, you’ll regret it so hard later on !

Thank you for reading this to the End and I hope that you’ll feel the inside story, share with others so they can lean and act.


Wahid Rouhli

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