You’re not the only one whom presentation sucks!

Md. Wahidul Islam Rimon, Copywriter & Co-founder, CRAVEEE

Every single time Tulip (an imaginary character) thinks of presentation, she tells to herself “Oh! I’m scared. I don’t know how to stay confident. I am unlike others. Uhu!”. Her best friend Wasim (another imaginary character) thinks the same. Now see, both are going through the same suffering but feel it too weird (and ashamed) to share with each other. They are about to graduate from FBS next year, and are yet to share it! Thus no initiative so far is taken by them to heal this problem.

You may laugh reading it but I’m sure many of you are doing the same thing! But why? We always tag friends with family (f&f). So, don’t worry about feeling weird or ashamed or whatever in front of your friends. Just stand up, and present before each other. You got to practice, and thus will start developing. I hope Tulip and Wasim will read this article.

But the reality is, classes and exams keep kicking us, 24*7. It’s hard to find time to practice presentation. So, why don’t you come to FBS and join Podium every Saturday? You can, definitely, as it’s generally a day off. Just come up, present on whatever topic you want to! That’s simple. It’s the place to develop yourself (and myself as well), dear. Don’t let presentation suck you anymore. Let’s go, bravos. Let’s go.

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