The last time I published a post (this one) , I got received some critical feedback from some roon’p at the faculty because of my candid opinions on my experiences in Thailand. I decided I’d let this shit die, as I was a freshman and because of faculty/Thai culture dynamics, I wanted to respect what my older students thought. It was me being super Thai in that I give more weight to what someone who is older than me thinks — I guess I was being kreng-jai. And, at the time, any sort of negative publicity that might ruin whatever superficial image I had last year was something I wanted to stray from immediately.

But! Then I realized it is incredibly ironic that any past student of a prestigious Communication Arts faculty (where journalism and an emphasis on free communication through different medium forms are taught and emphasized :D :D :D :D ) would complain and stifle the voice, thoughts, and opinions of a first year Comm Arts student as they express themselves through a medium of communication! :O

Of course, this can be analysed deeper, and perspectives can be looked at more, but I don’t feel the need to invest energy in something so trivial that happened last year. It did give my post 1000+ reads though, so thanks ;)

But it is a little important to bring up, because after my long hiatus, I want to publish more! I still get so many reads on my posts, and occasionally get a request from strangers to publish more. I also need to practice my writing because we don’t write enough essays at school, pfft. And, finally, because I want to leave my friends with one very important thought (it’s less than a minute, c’mon…):


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