I posted this to my local parents group for gifted education that I help manage, this is a great…
Deanie Gauntlett

Thank you for this thoughtful comment Deanie. I have a son and I completely understand your sentiment. There are many reasons to help gifted kids, probably the first and foremost is that we should help all kids and do no harm. (see https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/finding-the-next-einstein/201503/love-the-child-not-the-gift) And yet, history shows that it was the pragmatic reason (e.g., Sputnik) that actually propelled action once to help these kids. In trying to discuss with others who don’t really care about gifted kids and simply don’t understand “what’s in it for them or their kids” the pragmatic reason shows that all of us benefit from what so many individual parents like you do for their children when the schools won’t step up. This is unfortunately the reality we live in today, most people simply ignore gifted children because on the face of it they would appear to already have a head start in life. Here are some reasons that might explain why Americans ignore gifted kids: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/finding-the-next-einstein/201209/three-reasons-why-americans-ignore-gifted-children

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