You are being deliberately obtuse.
Patrick Trombly

Greater minds that I will argue the case for the MWP so I will again address the point that you seem to think all scientists have their shit together and everyone agrees on every predictions made. The world we live in is a complex system of interdependent components. You cannot claim to know what will affect the whole. And from your experience at the least, it would seem that science is at the very least, attempting to correct past misjudgements. I am sorry if you were presented the data as an absolute. However, most scientific data comes with margins of error. In science, contradictions do not doom credibility. It is people working with whatever data they have in an effort to inform people what they think is the situation at hand to the best of their ability. Nothing as of yet still suggests any change from the current course of warming we are on. We can argue at length what the effects will be, but, and this is important, you cannot guarantee us that warming will a) stop, b) not change life as we know it, or c) not cost me expensive, life ruining choices in the future.

Leaving that aside, I’m not sure what world you live in but hurricanes never quite ‘went away’. Sure, in your experience, all the predictions may seem to be awry. But YOU don’t represent the world. Where I live, if the ocean rises another meter, I’d have a permanent pool in my living room. For some, their whole communities will be forced to move or grow fins. Farmlands are vanishing. Water is getting scarce. And this is ALSO something we have been told to expect. Sure you may not ‘feel’ this where you live but you will have to forgive us who live in places where THIS IS A PROBLEM. You may not be the first to pay if you are wrong. But don’t be flippant and dismiss billions who do see this as a present danger.

To quote yourself, ‘ If you’re wrong you will have cost a lot of people dearly. And it won’t be the first time.’

Also, where I live, the pro-choice or whatever debate does not exist. And action against global warming is not a choice you get to make. It affects us all. Abortions or gay marriage do not.

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