Building Our Defense Line Under the Threat of Immigration Raids

Call 1–844-RAID-REP (1–844–724–3737)

On Monday, Trump tweeted that there would be mass immigration operations starting next week. Unfortunately this is nothing new, deportations & detentions take place everyday breaking thousands of families apart.

Our communities will not be intimidated by the threats of an administration that only spends their entire day attempting to terrorize us! The last couple of days have been feeling a little hectic, but then again Trump’s strategy has always been to keep our immigrant & refugee communities on the edge not knowing when he would attack next.

As WAISN we know better because we have all been putting in the WORK! Our network has grown to over 150 organizations, and we all understand that not one single organization could do this alone. Our power comes from our solidarity and being able to trust that we all are working to uplift our communities and strengthening our defense lines.

As we all know the reality of massive operations taking place is logistically impossible, but they will have tear targets for sure. This is how we see this potential threats having some form of feasible approach:

Risk Analysis of Tear Approach of Raids:

Apartment Complex KYR’s
  • workplace raids & audits
  • immigration activity at courthouses
  • people with prior deportation orders, convictions or charges that may end you up in the system.
  • collateral of folks who they encounter during operations, specially in large apartment complexes.

Here are the tools we have created for this response: Toolkits Here

We Need Volunteers!

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We can’t denied the real impact this news have had in our communities, our communities are alarmed but we must remind our families and community of our power! Our communities are ready to defend our families! Lets continue to give them the tools and opportunity to rise up. We are ready, We are coming!

About Us: The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is the largest immigrant-led coalition in the state. A powerful network made up of over 150 organizational members. There are currently over 500 Rapid Response verifiers across state to respond to immigration activity. WAISN provides an ICE reporting hotline (1–844–724–3737), a text message alert system (text “JOIN” to 253–201–2833) and resources in multiple languages.

WAISN’s Mission: is to protect and advance the power of immigrant and refugee communities through a multiracial, multilingual and multi-faith coalition an organizing strategy that educates and mobilizes statewide to uphold and defend the rights and dignity of all immigrants and refugees, centering the voices of impacted communities. You can find more about WAISN online at

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network

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The Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network is the largest immigrant-led coalition in the state. A powerful network made up of over 100 organizational members.