2016 IS OVER.

Jacky & Kunene

It’s 2132hrs, 31st August 2016, wow, it’s four months now and we shall be done with 2016,

I started off with a bang too much potential, but somewhere it felt like things went out of hands.

Too many challenges, too many failures yet too many blessings and great lessons. I don’t usually keep a list of new year’s resolutions but yet I deeply keep several promises to myself. I set goals and quietly work on them, it’s almost an year since I completed my 8–4–4. The hustle has been real, I have witnessed and in deed I can testify to build a good career, a good relationship and anything good you wish for yourself takes time, courage, confidence, commitment and sometimes risking it all, letting yourself be vulnerable.

I have made friends, I have connected myself, I have learnt and it simply amazes me how much you can learn from a person, forget the negatives and always carry the positive with you. Don’t tire and don’t want it easy, keep pushing for sometimes life takes a wrong turn in the right direction. Smile, dust yourself and by all means keep moving and finally there shall be a breakthrough. Cheers to all my good friends who have inspired me and who keep inspiring me, to those who never give up on me even when I terribly don’t believe in myself, to good health and to the remaining four months.

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