MODELLING-Dreams gone Drowning

Waithira Kunene

Honestly nothing gives me contentment and satisfaction like posing sensationally, my lustful 
eyes glittering and popping out with deep passion and excitement, my lips all curled up sparkling in a moderately applied lippy red, purple or whatever color striking a pose after another as my photographer instructs me on the next pose. 
Swinging my hips around forming an S shape kinda look...My flat tummy, which now I don’t have cause I stopped working out and watching my diet(for who?), adding up to my flattery shape. 
I enjoyed this moments, and the feeling of liveliness they brought which made my otherwise boring day an exciting one, It made me boost my confidence and love myself more, every part of me and my photographer made it so easy for me.

Well, Modelling ain’t about looking pretty, it’s hard work, it’s discipline and it’s commitment and so much more. It’s having that beauty and brains combined.These two correlate positively, not negatively. I would say they are easily influenced deeply by our interests. A woman who spends more 
of her time reading and is interested in science or STEM related career, is well educated and spends more of her time in intellectual pursuits are more likely to appear smart while a woman who has strong interest in fashion, hairstyles, sports and nutrition appears to be more physically attractive. I figured it out and found that I had more interest in the later and so I left the modeling to the models but I believe am a combination of both huh :) .

Being a model you need to be well informed and intelligent, otherwise how will you address the crowd when requested to? In addition it requires a physical workout and an observation of the diet, yes, what you consume matters, otherwise how will you maintain the sexy shape ..It calls for practice, yes practice makes perfect..otherwise how will you manage a swig of hips as you catwalk on 6 inch or 8 inch heels or manage to stand in them for as long as it’s required of you.

As you look at those magazines and those billboards just salute the models it’s hard work and a career with challenges like any other.

Waithira Kunene
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