To be a success weekend..

We can’t deny that weekend is a precious time for everyone. Some have 2 days but many people only have one day per week.

Time is limited resource use it wisely.

So how could you achieve this through your little free time?

  • List all things that you prefer to do this week.
  • Organize those things and order by settle priority.
  • Revised this list again before weekend and reordered if needed.
  • Strike or remove all done these week. Move undone this week to next week.

Tips : Many people using a Notebook or paper to list this, but these days even a cheap smart phone have a feature to take note or set a reminder.

Don’t : Unwell plan could lead you to a wasting weekend time.

Don’t worry if all things not going well even we already have a plan. Many things could happen during weekend and break your plan. Just move undone things to next week or do it after.