Primarily, Have Fun.

The Andela Mission is to have trained 100,000 world class developers, in 10 years. Andela, however, is not all about training developers. It’s about learning and having fun as you do it, it’s about creating networks and having fun as you do it, competing and having fun as you compete… Basically, Andela is all about having fun. Making the whole process fun. Train a 100,000 developers, and have fun while at it.

While having fun at Andela Kenya boot camp V, day 4 dawns upon us. On this day, we, the bootcampers, are invited to Andelabs, and application containing programming exercises where tests have already been written. Ours is the fun bit — write code and ensure that all of those tests pass. There’s a catch though — the exercises have extra test cases hidden in a server somewhere, so your challenge is to not only make sure that your code passes the tests provided in Andelabs, but also ensure that is passes the extra tests as well.

How is that any fun?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s how — you are not doing it alone. In a whole class full of intelligent people, discussions ensure, ideas are shared, and a Gitter channel is established where we share insights, code, questions and knowledge. And oh! Jokes too, inadvertent or otherwise.

Q. How do you post code blocks?
A. shit + enter

Of course, A. meant shift + enter.

The questions are challenging in their own right, since most of the time you’re supposed to read the tests and figure out what your code should do, kinda like bounty hunting :). Together though, we crack most of them. This again illustrates the core principle that even in our diversity, we are united, and together, we can do anything.

Next is day 5, which will be, unfortunately, the end of the boot camp V journey for some of us.

As we wait to see how that unfolds, have a look at some of those challenges on Github.