Journey of my Aspiration

Sometimes things come in our way, not because we wanted them but because those are clues from God for us. May be to help us, to discover the place where we should be. Whenever I thought about achieving a goal and felt the fear of hurdles, I mostly tried to quit. But now, when I’m asked to start a goal which I ever wanted for, with a name of “just start project” in Amal fellowship, suddenly a buried desire pops up in front of me. I always wanted to delve in Molecular Biology. So my “just start” project is lets delve in molecular biology. Two days before when I was reading an autobiography of a legend, whose name is Abdul Sitaar Edhi. He is a well-known because of his admirable work for poor and orphans of Pakistan. I found that whenever you made a decision and put your efforts into it ALLAH almighty will automatically brighten up your ways. He was mentored so well by his mother that compassion and desire of helping others trenched its heels into his heart. That was his ultimate aim of life. He achieved his aim by just starting from small good deeds for others even when he has not enough for himself. I learned from him that doesn’t wait for right time, right resources just start to achieve by taking small steps to achieve your goals.

According to me just start is a foundation behind the achievement of every goal. In the context of achieving my goal, I always remained little bit unfortunate. When I was the student of bachelor’s, molecular biology captivated most of my attention than any other subject. But haplessly I have been selected for research work in Apiculture lab. Undoubtedly I enjoyed every single moment of my research on honey bees but one corner of my heart was carving for playing with DNA, bacteria and proteins. At that time sharing the lab not allowed. Then after getting admission in masters, I was again chosen randomly by supervisors from my university, the era of wildlife research. I worked with potential even I planned my future career choices by remaining in wildlife but something was pinching me, not to leave off. So I started now.

Initially, I made a list of tasks to achieve my goal then started with joining of molecular care club at my university. Then I contacted my friends who have been working in that field. After rigorous discussions with them, one of my friends said she will help to learn the use of those instruments. She also suggests me to enroll in hands-on training of lab techniques which will be organized by the Hi-tech lab of my university. I have also started reading books.

Because of other academic responsibilities, the most oppressive problem I have faced while accomplishment of above three tasks was time management.

Furthermore, I’m thinking about attending a conference on forensics which will organize by Punjab medical college. I will also right a laboratory and concept manual from my experience. During this beautiful journey of learning I will keep sharing about my amazing experience.