Hello, this is wakalua the tourism innovation hub.

Boosting innovation in tourism, our story begins.

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Tourism is about people, about experiences. And it is also about innovation and rapidly changing technology.

Today more than ever, innovative and disruptive startups are changing the way we travel, how we plan our trip, where we stay, how we move around, what we do, read and even eat.

Such innovative startups are powered by technology, which isn’t just changing the way we experience travel, it also animates our every-day realities at an unbelievable pace.

At wakalua, we scale startups transforming the travel experience, the business side of it and the impact it has on the environment and our society. We boost initiatives with sustainable solutions to the most critical challenges the tourism sector is faced with today. We turn the ideas that meet the needs and expectations of tomorrow’s travellers into reality.

We accelerate the digital transformation of our partners, whether corporations or countries, and boost national innovation ecosystems generating jobs and social wealth.

In a nutshell, we set out to boost the global tourism innovation ecosystem, by connecting entrepreneurs with our worldwide venture capital network.

Wakalua is the first global innovation hub for tourism. We are powered by Globalia, the leading tourism corporation in Spain and Latin America, in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the United Nations Specialized Agency promoting responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

Join us on this journey.

We want to discover the most innovative, disruptive and sustainable solutions in tourism for tomorrow’s traveler. Be part of it. #wakaluahub

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