wakalua features women in business, tourism and diplomacy

Group of women on stage during discussion session
Group of women on stage during discussion session
Taryn Anderson, Natalia Bayona, Sandra Carvao and Alicia Gomez during discussion session.

In March 2019, we were happy to have welcomed female leaders in business, tourism and diplomacy for an insightful discussion at wakalua, the tourism innovation hub based in Madrid, Spain.

Natalia Bayona, Senior Expert on Innovation and Digital Transformation at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), led the conversation with Taryn Anderson, Investor Relations Director at THCAP Venture Capital, Sandra Carvao, Chief of Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness at UNWTO and Alicia Gomez, Legal Counsel at UNWTO.

The conversation focused on the advantages that women bring to leadership as well as the challenges they face along the way. All participants shared inspiring insights on their personal journeys.

Women constitute a significant number in tourism, with the majority of the tourism workforce being female, according to the recently released second edition of the Global Report on Women in Tourism, compiled by UNWTO, the United Nations Specialized Agency promoting responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. As tourism offers greater opportunities for women’s entrepreneurship compared to the wider economy.

To illustrate this finding, Natalia Bayona highlighted the fact that out of the 3.000 applications received for the first UNWTO Tourism Startup Competition in 2019, almost 20 % of the startups were led by women.

Dedicated to fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem at the local and international levels, the event was co-organized by wakalua’s partners, UNWTO and IE Business School, one of the world’s top international business school established in Madrid, Spain.

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