Can artists make tangible social change while also challenging the institutions that make that change necessary?

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The Rebuild Foundation’s “BUILD / REBUILD” benefit at the newly restored Stony Island Arts Bank.
Photo by Kelly Taub/BFA.com, Courtesy of Rebuild Foundation.

On September 19, 2015, champagne flowed freely at the corner of 69th Street and Stony Island Avenue in Chicago’s South Side. …

Raymond Hains ‘Sense títol’, 1998

In image-driven societies, acts of resistance are reduced to pictures on the wall.

Raymond Hains’ medium was the city; its accumulation was his work. The French artist was one of the founding members of the Nouveaux Réalisme movement, mingled with Yves Klein, and remains one of the most celebrated artists of décollage, the act of tearing away paper rather than pasting it on. …

In 1963, a Japanese artist used interactivity to defy the state

If you found yourself exiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum on March 1, 1963, you would not make it far before noticing a clothespin stuck to your coat. You, along with many others who had attended the 1963 Yomiuri Independent Exhibition, had not only participated in a work of art, but had also performed a subversive act that threatened the power of an increasingly authoritarian Japanese state. …



designer in the streets, pseudo-intellectual in the sheets

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