Humbleness, Not Conspiracy Theories, It’s What’s Going To Strengthen The Future Of The Democrats

It seems that no matter if you voted for Hillary or Bernie (or Trump/Cruz for that matter), conspiracy theories are all the rage this voting season. And though I am a firm believer that the governance body of this country needs a major overhaul to fix wide margins of income inequality, save the public education system, bring about universal healthcare, end the war on drugs, and work on ending violence and bigotry, I don’t believe that holding on to conspiracy theories is how we solve the problem.

For one, conspiracy theories are always a very simplistic way to explain things we simply do not like how they turn out. They ignore one tiny profound aspect of life — the randomness and orderly chaos of the universe. But their biggest danger is that no good conspiracy theory is based on complete falsehood. Therefore, they tend to take the focus away from finding real solutions to complex, chaotic, and very messy situations belittling the work ahead.

After reading all the social media posts and media articles keeping the drama going I could not help myself and posted the following passage on my FB wall:

Ok folks, we need to put emotions aside, put down the pipe and your conspiracy driven ego aside and look at the facts: 1) Clinton has won the popular vote and beat Sanders by millions of votes 2) Clinton has more pledged delegates now than OBAMA did against her 3) Sanders still does not have as many states won as Clinton did back in 2008. So her lead today is BIGGER than the one OBAMA had in 2008. Was the system bias towards her. You bet ya, she has been running for his job for 8 YEARS!! Remember, it was her race to lose and she did not. What Sanders accomplished in just a year is a freaking miracle and should be celebrated, not by holding on to conspiracy theories but my forcing Clinton to adopt the IDEAS that fueled this movement. Otherwise we run the risk of missing this great opportunity to hold the presumptive presidential nominee accountable. If we just reject the system completely then we are also giving up on this movement’s ability to change the system. Stay HUMBLE and embrace CHAOS for the benefit of ALL SENTIENT BEINGS.

So how can humbleness unite the party and affect change? To answer this question we need to first look at the arguments that both the Sanders and Clinton camps are spewing at each other. Many people (not all) on both sides of the Clinton/Sanders camps, are making some gross assumptions about each other, and unfortunately, these assumptions are what’s going to keep the party from uniting.

On one hand you have the Bernie camp that has given GOD status to a candidate that can do no wrong, and where every situation or outcome that does not go their way is a conspiracy including diarrhea (shit happens). On the other camp you have overly simplistic and unapologetic assumptions (overly playing the gender card) as to why it’s hard for the former to just “get-over-it” and support the latter ignoring the very real grievances of Bernie supporters. The result is that the egos on both camps are currently hurt and both sides are waiting for the other to apologize.

The only way that we are going to get over this as a party and as a nation is to realize in a very HUMBLE way that WE NEED EACH OTHER not because Hilary needs the votes, but because this is a rare opportunity to hold the system accountable. The “system” does not run itself. It is run by those who engage with it. That’s what Bernie does and we love him for it. He is not giving up on his ability to generate change, so who the hell am I to not do the same.