The Really Bad, Awful, No Good Thing

This week marks 10 years since The Really Bad, Awful, No Good Thing happened.

Have I had any lessons since then? Yes.

Speak up. If you’re not sure, or if it feels weird, speak up. (Still working on this.)

It’s ok to worry. Most of the time, nobody is going to die.

But sometimes, someone dies.

Use your resources. Your friends and the people around you, they are there to help. They want to. Let them.

Stay in touch. If you told someone (me) that you’re going to be somewhere and then you’re not there, someone (also me) might have a lot of feelings about them. Some of those feelings can be (hi, me!) very hard to manage and pretty triggering.

Be prepared. It’s ok to overpack. You probably don’t need that, but what if the worst thing happens? Will you be glad you had it? Could it make all the difference? Maybe. Whatever. It’s just a little heavy.

Carry it all.

But also. Don’t carry it all. Lean on people. Remember that they’ve been there with you, or through their own The Really Bad, Awful, No Good Thing and can offer some support. Lean on them. The people. They’re there for you.

Ten years.

I still wish I’d spoken up sooner.