Love is a Path.

I dreamt of walking the sea strand
Holding firm my Father's hand,
He was loving, He was kind,
He was gentle yet firm
He told me He would always love me
No matter what worked out or didn't.
All He wished was for me to trust
That His plan was greater.

I leaned my head upon His shoulder
I found in Him my resting place,
He told me to owe no one anything but love
That He had already paid my debt
And would lead me if I held His hand

I found He walked through stony paths
Often letting His feet and heart bleed 
Yet when I slipped I would hear the Father's love
Not in empty words but hope renewed
By opening shut doors and breaking walls

Jesus commands my destiny
No power of man
Can pluck me from His hands
I dream of my Father holding me
He knows my frame
He knows my fears
He knows why I weep.
He teaches me along the way
And shows me His Grace.