Waxing Your Wakeboard?

There’s a new trend in cablepark wakeboarding and it is here to stay — wakeboard wax. Wakeboarding was introduced into the ski cablepark scene some decades ago but there’s no telling where or who started the trend of applying wax to the bottom of their wakeboards and wakeskates as it probably stemmed from skateboarding.

The idea behind rubbing skateboard wax or candle wax onto the bottom of a wakeboard or wakeskate at the cablepark is to reduce friction between the bottom of the board and the poly-urethane obstacles being ridden over. One major problem with this is that these waxes are not designed with hydrophobic properties, therefore they do not repel water, ultimately creating more friction.

There is, however, a solution to this madness. Wake Wax has designed, created, and perfected a wakeboard/wakeskate wax that will not only reduce friction on cablepark and winch obstacles, but it will last longer than other waxes out there. This works especially well on beat and battered boards because the wax fills in the scrapes and scratches on the abused board. Some might say, “well that’s what water is for, to spray down the obstacles”. In a perfect world, yes, but how many laps have you wasted strictly spraying down those obstacles to your liking? And how many times have you hit a dry spot going off a kicker that you just sprayed down on the last lap? Exactly. Wake Wax is creating a more predictable ride at the cablepark for riders of all skill levels.

Wake Wax is hand-made in the U.S.A and has an extremely eco-conscious mindset where they are working to minimize their carbon footprint everyday. Wake Wax wakeboard wax has no added silicones like many other waxes, almost all packaging materials are recyclable or reusable, and any wax bar that has any imperfections gets melted back down and made perfect again.

There is enormous positive feedback from cablepark wakeboarders from all over the world, including Mitch Langfield, Ash Hannig, Aidan Gunningham, Anna Nikstad, and former Rail Rider of the Year, Graeme Burress. Wake Wax has already made its appearance in 4 out of 7 continents (Although I don’t see it making its trip to Antartica any time soon, you never know) and it is not going away anytime soon.

Every rider has a slightly different style of riding and may prefer a lot of wax on their board or only a a little, depending on the feature type. My advice is to at least go check out their website and social media platforms and see what they’re all about, and if you like what you see then click on the Shop.

Happy Shredding!

Wake Wax
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