Build and share your web reading list with Taggem


We all browse internet. We go through many articles, blogs and pages in web everyday.Have you ever wondered what your best friend read from web? Have you ever felt curious about knowing what your favourite teacher read everyday from web? Won’t it be amazing if you could share your readlist from web to all your friends and also get a feed of their readlist.

Well ,Taggem does this for you.It helps you to build your readlist from web and share it with your friends at the same time.You can follow your favourite teacher or your boss or your role model to find out the awesome things they find from web and keep updated on latest trends and news.

Receive your friend’s readlist infeed once they tag a page or an article
Taggem is a web platform that helps people to share and receive the web readlist from friends.

Now running in closed beta, it comes with a chrome browser extension that lets user to save any interesting content from web. The process of saving a page is called as “Tagging”. Just press the extension from chrome with the page opened and it automatically saves it to Taggem. All tagged contents are shared with followers of user in the platform.

See what your friends read. Join Taggem.