How to hide Medium’s bar

First of all, I’m new here on Medium. But… WHY this site use that big and annoying “bar” on top that follow me when I scroll down (and up).

I’m not the only reader who complains about this bar.

A year ago, GOWRI SANKAR A S posted a wish “Please remove the metabar” and of course Medium Staff can’t read this and if they do, they will not pay attention to a couple of crazy people who complain about certain things on the site. I understand that.

I have also found browser extensions to make Medium more “readable”. This one for example: MakeMediumReadable

It’s incredible that there are so many people concerned about the topic “UX” and user web accessibility, that they publish incredible content and very popular articles here on Medium, and despite all this, Medium shows a huge bar that is really annoying.

My two cents

Kill the medium’s metabar

Instead of install an extension I use a Bookmark’s button called: “Kill the Medium’s Metabar”. It’s fast, simple, one clic and -only that metabar who follows you to the bottom- disappears.

I hope you can enjoy it.

Well… this my first post.