Never Read The Comments
Sarah Adler

I don’t actually see him complaining about you beeing a woman…maybe I’m wrong…
but, I actually blame you!

Imagine you had to decide to pick a boss for your company.
Chances are you will take the person with the most experience. If you have never experienced a great boss, or the other way around, a really bad boss, you will make mistakes, anyone would. Since you came straight from college, I have to assume, you don’t have that experience, how could you? Even if you took the best courses in college — you will not have the same experience as someone who managed a company or worked for a extraordinary boss. So basically — you as well as every other entrepreneur have to proof yourself.

You’re bothered way to much about this — so basically is he right?
You might have had and will have a lot of criticism, haters, blablabla — you should be dealing with this shit much easier — you’ve build a company and make good revenue, why does this even bother you?

And if this is sexism — then this still is your fault! YOU hired his sorry ass. YOU are to blame for YOUR team — YOU and YOU alone. He is writing that bullshit because you let him.
And instead of handling it, you’re complaining about it and play the sexism-card. You should not be complaining on the internet — you should have taken measures.

And now ladies, feel free to tell me what an asshole I am, and of course this is sexism because I’m taking sides with another guy.

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