More than a Promise: Brands Are Platforms
Brian Monahan

Brian Monahan,

A brand is nothing without a story, a reason for being; a cause worth defending and something worth experiencing, where, once you open that brochure or turn the page of an electronic version of the same — once you see the curl of the upper right-hand corner of that densely pixilated collection of photos and prose — you immerse yourself in a world as real as entering that brand’s retail store, save the scent of cedar or the warmth of a nearby fireplace crackling its embers onto that hearth of brick and stone.

The experience must be consistent across all platforms, which also means where the technology is basic words (with some pictures) must suffice. You must become, in other words, a storyteller.

Put aside, for a moment, all those apps and devices, all those products and programs; because if you cannot tell a story — and tell it well — then there is no reason to go any further, since you will lose your audience and alienate your would-be friends and allies. You may make plenty of noise; but you will say nothing of substance, leaving the viewer or reader immune from your pleas and already inured from cheap sales talk.

Learn to tell a story.

Tell it with passion and eloquence, with intelligence and wisdom. Tell it with the power of elegant statements and memorable phrases.

Tell your story like no one else can.

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