I think the diversity movement will be stronger if it demands inclusiveness in hiring and corporate…
Steven Levy

Do not underestimate the influence of “soft power,” a popular talking point within the field of American foreign policy, which places our weapons of mass distraction — our TV sitcoms and action-adventure films, our fast food franchises (founded, respectively, by a noncommissioned Kentucky colonel and two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California), our professional athletes, our Peace Corps volunteers and our glass chalices (to one tribesman in the Kalahari Desert) of carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, caramel color and caffeine — alongside our weapons of mass destruction.

What we need, therefore, is not better public schools, safer neighborhoods and an influx of mentors to encourage minorities to pursue careers in technology, as we simultaneously break the color line with regard to men and women with gray hair, so they, too, can find fulfillment in the false paradise of unicorns, whiz kids and roomfuls of sparkling treasure.

No, we just need to ensure that the forthcoming Transformers 7 (to appear in theaters, fingers crossed, in 2017) includes a septuagenarian scientist and inventor, an African-American astrophysicist whose warnings about an imminent threat from a hostile alien race result in the forfeiture of his security clearance, a female Secretary of Defense (who knows there is, indeed, an army of advanced robots rapidly approaching Earth’s atmosphere), a Latino hacker (who also knows about this doomsday scenario) and a transgender trucker who, against a swarm of gunfire and the rupture of the tires on her trailer and sparks from the wheels of her vehicle, crashes the fence at the Nevada Test and Training Range, also known as Area 51.

Or, we could celebrate the importance of a workplace filled with a diversity of ideas from a diversity of people — among a diversity of ages — on behalf of creating a diversity of ingenious products and services.

How boring, I know.

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