Six Classic Marketing Books You’ve Got to Read
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Echo Storytelling Agency,

There is only one bible about marketing — the Bible! Call it the Torah or the Old Testament, or the Christian Bible or the New Testament; but there is no other book that is a better study of human nature — there is no other bible as finely written and memorably phrased — as this series of books about the sins of man, from his venality to his vanity, from his sense of ego to his feelings of envy, from the stories of pain and suffering to the promises about return and the resurrection to tales of vengeance and victory to narratives of exile and exultation — all this, and much more, is, if not divine revelation, then a series of metaphors about the very predictable status of our individual or collective behavior. For we can be stubborn, irrational, morally blind and intellectually obtuse; we can be wrathful, and belligerent, in our words, and bellicose, in our deeds. There is nothing new — zero, nada, zilch — about our capacity for wantonness and wrongful destruction; there is nothing surprising about our tendency toward cruelty and our avoidance of responsibility.

We can be charitable and generous, too, but the Bible is replete with verses about stubborn leaders, prideful messengers, recalcitrant tyrants, stiff-necked people and an entire crowd — no, an entire city — consumed by a bloodlust so great it would end in death; it would close with Jesus upon the cross.

What can we learn from these parables and psalms, as well as these stories of holy retribution and redemption from the Almighty? That you can market to us all you want — you can preach the gospel until your mouth is dry and your throat is sore, until your tongue is white and your voice is hoarse — but most of us will not listen.

You must let us, first, make our own mistakes.

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