What is the algorithm for success?
Francesco Marconi

Francesco Marconi,

If Jack Dorsey is a model of success, then we should wave the white flag of surrender and succumb to the worst impulses of our collective humanity; because this thing — the creation he hath bestowed upon us, that monstrous collection of cyber shouting and political id known as Twitter — is an insult to civility, an assault against reason and an attack against common sense; it is the domain of demagogues and jihadists, in which companies (unintentionally) poison their integrity through guilt by association — by sharing virtual space with the sympathizers of ISIS and the friends of suicide murder, the killers of innocents in the Old World and the New.

Dorsey’s contribution is a gain to his financial bottom line, but a loss to longstanding notions of decency. For, when Islamists can issue 140-character-count fatwas and condemn specific individuals and whole cities and countries to death, when Dorsey’s medium is the preferred medium of those who seek to behead us and decapitate the Statue of Freedom, to have those heads roll in a river of blood — to make the Middle East awash with the blood of Christians and Jews, and atheists and agnostics, and gays and lesbians, and women and children — when we find ourselves in a war for the survival of Western civilization, we can thank Mr. Dorsey for confusing Twitter’s terms of service with America’s First Amendment, granting free speech to those who have no moral claim or constitutional right to it.

Everything else is irrelevant while this confusion persists. Indeed, there should be no confusion at all; because, when you run a for-profit platform for terrorists and the forces conspiring to level our institutions of commerce and defense, you forfeit your standing within the community and you undermine our unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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