Reactions: Not everything in life is Likable
Geoff Teehan

Geoffrey Teehan,

Thank you for posting, to date, the understatement of the century, if not the most banal comment in the history of mankind.

Not everything is likable?

I agree because, in a world where the names may change but the titles stay the same, tyranny maintains its iron grip on tens of millions of Africans, Chinese, Russian and Cuban dissidents — no, hundreds of millions of innocents from this polluted wasteland of billions, enslaved by the yoke of communist and fascist evil, and physically tortured and emotionally tormented by the “desk murderers” of a vast bureaucracy of oppression.

Not everything is likable, you say, as if this restatement of the obvious — with your reference to numbers and bullet points, instead of the number of victims killed by bullets from Islamist death squads and suicide bombers — warrants a meeting (to have a meeting about having a meeting), where the members of Facebook’s own cult of personality — the disciples and apostles of “Zuck” — ponder a query for the ages: What is not likable?

A lot, apparently, if you bother to concern yourself with the ultimate questions involving freedom versus fanaticism, and the emancipation of women versus the rape and slaughter of little girls, as well as the long twilight struggle for independence versus the veil of darkness — unbroken even by a star of hope — that will descend upon us with brutal finality, unless we regain our sense of moral health and martial vigor.

Not everything is likable, indeed.

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