Find One Person Who Gives A Shit. The Rest Is Easy.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Jon Westenberg,

Congratulations for beating me to it, for maintaining my interest long enough for me to reach your eighth and final point — the one that encapsulates your viewpoint, and mine, about human nature and individual behavior — so I would not have to write the following, which I will do anyway: We need advocates, whether we know it or not, whether we decline their help or deny their importance; because, whether we accept this assistance with gratitude or bear a grudge out of pride or spite, we should not — we must not — think that our work will always speak for itself; that we should never sully our art with ambition, by having others write or distribute something as innocuous as a press release, or allowing our most zealous agents to stage a public carnival — replete with a gaggle of reporters, a bank of microphones, lighting and direction, celebrity cameos, sound bites, fireworks, and plenty of spirits and libations.

The advocate, whose job is not unlike what a trial lawyer does, is there to champion your cause.

He is there is to pound the table, and pound the facts, to deliver a stemwinder of a summation — to preach the gospel of your personal excellence, and to extol the virtues of your gifts — as he keeps a mental inventory of the time, enabling him to establish a rhythm and perform a rhetorical pirouette; to enlighten the courtroom by entertaining the crowd, until having started with a roar and having ended with a whisper — in this revelation among confidants — your advocate thanks the jury, and awaits their vindication of your case.

Yes, we need advocates — amazing ones!

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