Startup Mythologies
Josh Engroff

Josh Engroff,

Do not underestimate or ignore the influence of the charismatic failure, who is one step from recovery, one speech from redemption and one series of events from resurrection.

Do not think that there is not a connection between the resurgence of Apple and Steve Jobs’s “reality distortion field,” a ghost light that still shines within the nighttime darkness of One Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California; and flickers within the partially built, four-story curvature of glass that is the lone source of luminescence in the twilight hours of silence, when the lengthy strand of temporary lights — with their plastic bulb guards and filaments — are off, until construction resumes, in the morrow, so the sunlight may reflect upon the company’s new “spaceship” campus; do not dismiss that other charismatic failure, that study in exile from his colleagues and woe for his country, whose warnings remain so prophetic and whose words ring so powerfully — whose oath resounds with righteous fury, and whose pledge resonates with a voice to last a thousand years — do not pose the question a second time:


The charismatic failure pursues victory.

He is relentless — sometimes wrong, sometimes right — because he is a man.

She is resolute — despite the challenges, however long and hard the road may be — because she is a leader.

Respect the charismatic failure.

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