What the world needs now is not just love, sweet love…
Justin Cox 🍩

Justin Cox 🌮

What the world needs now is not love, but justice. The two are very different, and deservedly so, because love alone — even the devotion of one King on behalf of another, from one preacher of peace to the ultimate Prince of Peace, even the nonviolent resistance of a minister thrown before a modern-day Golgotha of racism, violence and the fury of the mob; even the love of Martin Luther King, Jr., during those long summers sweltering with the heat of hatred and the sight of the hangman’s noose — cannot secure what a legislature can pass, a president can sign and the courts shall uphold.

No amount of love will soften the hearts and enlighten the minds of those whose perverse ideology condemns our existence, whose lips drip with the spittle of religious bigotry, whose hands raise the fist of rage and whose allegiance to death — ours and theirs — promises eternal hellfire for us and paradise for them.

We need to temper the sword of jihad with the scales of justice.

Love will not banish this foe.

Love will not vanquish this enemy.

Love will save your family, if you choose might on behalf of the cause of right.

We deserve justice — and we will not stop, until this wicked force — this evil menace — is no more.

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