The Blind Will Lead The Blind.
Kyle Sergeant

Kyle Sergeant,

Not only are many of these marketers blind, they seem to be mute, too.

Unable to express themselves by writing even the simplest of sentences, and assigned the role of observers regarding social media — as if these executives constitute an alien race; they come in peace, I hope, to wirelessly transmit their fieldwork to some invisible (to our radar towers and radio telescopes) mothership within Earth’s orbit — they resort to using “conversational apps,” which, as far as I can tell, eliminate the personality, grammar and voice of a conventional conversation for some combination of exclamation points and emoji; a digital series of hieroglyphics, with ideograms of a winking and smiling face to an anthropomorphic, five-layered, bug-eyed swirl of feces, this mess — no, this shit — is a sign of illiteracy, not fluency in the art of communication.

Do any of these “experts” know how to initiate or sustain a conversation?

Or perhaps, in accordance with the laws governing their exploration of the universe, and in their defense of the oral tradition inherited from Jor-El, that it is forbidden for them to interfere with human history, these “geniuses” do not have permission to talk to consumers.

Whatever the reason, what they do say is gibberish.

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