Top 10 Reasons Social Media has poor Emotional ROI
Michael K. Spencer

Michael K. Spencer,

To the contrary, social media has a very strong “Emotional ROI.”

Read the 140-character-count tweets of religious exultation, and watch the video clips of public exhilaration , because it is clear that there is a global pilgrimage, not to a physical destination of spiritual significance, but to a borderless Nowhere Land; an uncharted place of darkness and vapor, whose lifeblood is insanity; and whose personality, if we were to try to give voice to this nonstop deluge of words and sinister thoughts, would cripple the human brain with a devastating stroke, or induce indefinite catatonia or cause instant death — unless a specific group of people, with a deliberate narrowness of mind and a purposeful repetition of a few satanic verses, were to tune in by tuning out; rejecting all pleas for nonviolence and reason, so they could commit mass murder through mass suicide; commemorating, in advance, their jihadist campaign against the West, and celebrating their forthcoming entry into an eternal orgy.

For ISIS and al-Qaeda, social media is the ultimate recruitment tool.

Now, while you may derive little psychological comfort from this medium (excluding Medium), we must nonetheless defeat the spread of a poisonous ideology that reveres death and hates life.

Remember: “You must look at facts, because they look at you.”