Teslas aren’t helping the environment as much as you think
Seif El Shinawy

Seif El Shinawy,

Put aside, for a moment, the fact that Elon Musk is a wannabe Bond villain — a nemesis who seeks control of the heavens and the earth — and consider, instead, that owning a Tesla is a form of penance among those who believe electricity, that magical source of energy which shoots from a darkened sky of charcoal-colored cumulonimbus clouds, has nothing to do with oil — pretend that that car, with its black plug and two golden prongs, which look like the illuminated irises of a humanoid robot, runs on a power source that has no connection with America’s need for or dependence on fossil fuels.

Feel better?


If we say that lie long enough — and if we believe what we say sincerely enough — then we can take false comfort in the ergonomic design of that cockpit, with its combination of leather, noiseless travel and touchscreen convenience.

Minus getting hit by a bolt of lightning, we can continue this charade indefinitely.

Enjoy the ride.