The secret of social media success for small businesses
Tim Hughes

The secret of social media success is that there is no secret: There is nothing but the hard work of telling a story — writing it with resonant phrasing and reverent wording — so the reader travels on a journey that is as literate as it is lively, as informative as it is inspiring — an adventure that reveals secrets, summons people to action and reinforces the principles that separate a business from a brand; because the former, no matter how profitable or lucrative it may be, is no match for the latter. One conducts transactions, while the other earns the hearts and minds of friends, followers and evangelists of every denominational stripe and spiritual disposition.

Put aside how many likes you have, and ignore how many tweets you issue, because the emphasis should never be on filler, as if quantity is the sole barometer of social media success; as if quality, the crafting of each sentence and the careful trimming of each comment, should succumb to the tyranny of ignorance and the linguistic equivalent of grunts and digital growls.

Tell me, in other words, something!

Tell me something of value by telling it with eloquence and style.

Tell me a story by showing me you can write.

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