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When a billionaire dresses like an itinerant — and nearly impoverished — college student, whose slippered feet take him from his dormitory to the computer lab to a vending machine, where he must enter an item number like the longitudinal coordinates for a transatlantic flight — and then, as a metal shaft pushes that bag of DORITOS® COOL RANCH® Flavored Tortilla Chips forward, while a plastic semicircular ring revolves clockwise, to release and drop that bag into a drawer that looks like a mail slot — until, suddenly, the ring stops in the three o’clock position; and “Zuck” pounds the plexiglass with the foam and rubber sole of his right “Peyton” the Penguin slipper, screaming like an enraged toddler, in his soiled diapers, for his mother to fill the bathroom tub with milk and Cocoa Pebbles — when a man-child wears a “uniform” whose only accessories are a seeing eye dog and a cup full of pencils, he deserves medication, not praise.

I know homeless people with more fashion sense than the creator of the forthcoming “Dislike” button.

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