Pet Grooming Guide While Going For a Vacation

If you’re preparing for a holiday trip this holiday season, don’t leave your pets behind! Whether the puppy is a lively one, or an aged cat or maybe a more colorful pet — most times, people forget to make proper pet grooming arrangement when preparing for a vacation.

If you are planning a vacation, there are two usual pet care options — a kennel or a pet sitter. Both have their advantages and disadvantages based on the factors below:


A kennel may not help if you are the type that travels often, or you travel for the longer duration of time. On the other hand, pet sitting services or pet grooming also has to do with providing personal care for your pet in your absent right in the comfort of a familiar environment and routines. Because they are aware that they are not supposed to leave the house, your pets nervousness is gone down when they see you leave with your box.


The dogs can be very excited about the boarding experience during their early years. Cage-free boarding offers small dogs huge exercise experience and playtime with other puppies or cat — involving in cat boarding as well — it’s just like camping! But as continue to age, their strength begins to change, at this point; they feel just okay staying at home. As your pets grow older, relocating them to a different home or new surrounding can be difficult and sometimes raises their restlessness. But employing in-home care for elderly pets might offer them the close attention they require and also gives you rest of mind.


When selecting a sitter for your pet, it is necessary to employ an expert with experience and authorized for a proper pet grooming in Winnipeg. Always do a thorough check and develop a work-back plan just in case something happens or your sitter’s plan for the day changes. When assessing a pet-sitter, make a list of essential questions regarding former work experience and ask for directions. It is equally necessary to plan a ‘playdate’ involving your potential sitter and puppy. Your pet sitter should probably take a walk and then maintain some few distance behind them to watch your dog and the pet sitter’s attitude. If something goes wrong, pay attention to your instincts and keep observing.

Right Choice

Traveling with your four-legged pet can be a brilliant choice especially for those intending to take their pet through a pet grooming process, which is similar to employing a pet sitter to handle your pet. Allowing your pet play around and mix up with other animals is a significant role you should play as a pet owner because it permits him or her to associate with other animals, take pleasure in pleasant carousing, and acclimatize with changes by switching to new places. Cage-free dog boarding or cat boarding facilities make your pet to feel free and secure, coupled with the wide space for playing around. Many dogs enjoy every fun and entertainments that come with their fellow puppies at the dog race, but they equally require downtime. Ensure you get a boarding facility that offers a platform for both friendly and group activities.


An important question for any dog-owner concerning boarding or in-house care is ‘what will my dog be doing every day?’ Now this is what you should do if you seek to plan for daycare, sketch a schedule and review it with your sitter. Make sure you add up the feeding time and style of your dog, plus walk program, medical information, training requirements and routines for bedtime and playtime. Furthermore, create an emergency schedules adding needful contact mobile numbers and emergency meeting centers.

If you decide to go for a kennel, ensure you inquire from the Winnipeg kennels for outlines daily activities and roles of your animal including its association with interaction with other animal and with the Winnipeg kennel workers — and the duration and how often. It is important that the boarding facility links your pet with others of like nature and provides constant playtime exercise rotation all through the day. When observing at diverse kennels, view the number of dogs that are inside the kennel. Too much crowding can result in violent behavior, which might lead to a complicated situation for everyone including you and your dog. Before thinking of boarding, ensure your pet has taken the necessary medications, such as rabies, and provide a spay/neuter confirmation.

Whether you select in-home pet care or you go for the right kennel, you should be free to leave with the hope that your dog’s care turns into love and attention.

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